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OUR story

Whilst studying to become a teachers aide for special education schools, I began to find myself being drawn to more of a supportive role, whereby I could offer more to people with specific needs than simply an education.


"Being 'that guy' who is supportive to family and friends has always been in my nature"


There's something great to be said for being there for those that really need support, and the true reward is their gratitude!

Having spent many years now in the disability support industry, it still to this day brings me so much satisfaction seeing my clients being able to now take full advantage of their life, to not only meet, but to smash out and achieve their goals.

Happy Orange Support Services, is all about getting the zest for life back again, developing new horizons and working together with those that need the right support to make it all happen! 

HOSS Director/Founder

Travis Finn

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"I have nothing but praise for Travis and his work. He is a top man. He gives his all towards every client he works with. if you want the best service than I highly recommend Travis You will not be disappointed"

Matt B




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